Ricardo Salinas Jr. made his first appearance in the 79th District Court Wednesday on a manslaughter charge that stemmed from a single vehicle accident in 2015.

Salinas was just one of many cases on the docket call. When his name and cause number where called by Judge Richard Terrell he stood up and announced that he did not have an attorney.

Salinas was instructed to fill out the application to determine if he was eligible for a court appointed attorney.

In 2015, Salinas and Gabriel Guzman were in a single vehicle accident on the 1300 block of North Stadium where Guzman passed away. Guzman was 34-years-old at the time of the accident.

According to police officials in 2015, Salinas disregarded a stop sign at a high rate of speeding as the two men traveled south on North Stadium. The silver Dodge Challenger hit a dip in the road that caused the vehicle to go airborne.

When the vehicle landed Salinas lost control, left the roadway, struck a chain-link fence and two trees before the vehicle came to a rest in two pieces. The Challenger split in half causing the front end of the car to land in the yard and the back end came to a rest in the middle of the road.

The back end of the car caught fire after the gas tank caught fire.

As of Wednesday, there is no trial date set for the case.