Wyatt Ranches fills the gap with a $150,000 donation

When State of Texas funds dried up for certain law enforcement grants in Duval County, Wyatt Ranches was asked to fill the gap and has donated $150,000 to the Duval County Sheriff’s Office, through a grant provided by The Wyatt Foundation. Over the past several years, the State of Texas had discontinued certain grant funding for Sheriff’s Office personnel in neighboring counties; however, the Duval County Sheriff’s Office was the only agency which managed to keep the grant…and had done so since 1992. This year, however, State funding for personnel was stopped, leaving the Sheriff’s Office with a shortfall that would be felt by the citizens.

“We had to reach out to the resources we have available here in Duval County…it was either that or cut services and staff,” Romeo Ramirez, the Sheriff of Duval County explained. Wyatt Ranches and The Wyatt Foundation have assisted the Sheriff’s Office in the past, and Bradford Wyatt, Administrator for Wyatt Ranches said, “The Foundation and the Ranches have a history of philanthropic support in Duval County; and, when the Sheriff explained we were his last resort before cutting law enforcement services, we felt we had a duty to act for our friends and neighbors in Duval County.” Billy Wells, President of The Wyatt Foundation, said, “The Foundation reflects the spirit of Wyatt Ranches…a tradition of giving back to communities in need…and when the Sheriff explained that without these funds, he would have to take a deputy sheriff and a detective off the street, we felt obligated to fill the gap for the Duval County community.”

The Duval County Sheriff’s Office is headquartered at the Courthouse in San Diego, Texas, and the agency is responsible for providing all levels of law enforcement services for the 1,800 square miles of the county. Of the 254 counties in Texas, Duval County is the 8th largest county in size. Sheriff Ramirez has served the Sheriff’s Office for over 34 years, and in January he will have completed 10 years as the elected Sheriff. Even with limited resources and staffing for deputies, the Sheriff has managed to keep crime statistics down in Duval County and aggressively solve most major crimes. In addition, the Sheriff leads by example by becoming involved with community-oriented activities and energetically participates with community events. The Wyatt Foundation acknowledged this attribute by reiterating, “…how approachable Sheriff Ramirez is to his constituents, regardless of the hour.”

Situated in South Texas and also in West Texas, Wyatt Ranches has six cattle ranching divisions. These cattle ranches are scattered south from Agua Dulce to the Rio Grande River; and west from Marfa to Valentine, with some ranches supplemented with agricultural farming operations. The Wyatt Foundation is headquartered in Realitos, Texas, and has made numerous donations to area governmental entities and non-profit organizations in the rural areas of both South and West Texas.