Police are searching for a man who they say attempted to rob an Alice fast food landmark.

Alice investigators said a man walked into Dairy Burger in the 300 block of North Johnson St. at about 2 p.m. Sunday and handed a clerk a note saying he had a gun and wanted money from the cash register.

The suspect, described as a young man in his mid-20s wearing a grey hoodie and dark sunglasses, was allegedly scared off when one of the clerks said, “call the police!” According to police reports, the man ran out of the restaurant and was last seen running to the back of the building.

Despite a search of the area around the restaurant and the nearby neighborhood, the suspect wasn’t found. However, police did find a grey hoodie believed to have been used by the man about a block away. The suspect never displayed a gun in the robbery attempt, but a butcher knife was found in the discarded clothing.

Alice interim police chief Aniceto “Cheto” Perez said the restaurant captured the entire incident on a surveillance camera. Perez said the video did provide a clear image of the suspect. Police are working on making the video available on social media.

Perez said the community should know that the threat of these kinds of crimes often rises during the holiday season.

“It goes up this time of year, especially closer to the holidays,” Perez said. “Businesses need to be aware of the customers that walk in, because crime does pick up now. We have officers out in the community so that maybe we can deter these kinds of crimes.”