Memorial Intermediate has some new helpers on campus. The school, comprised of fifth and sixth graders, has organized a new Safety Patrol in an effort to give their students a sense of pride and leadership in their campus.

“I have been looking closely at starting organizations on campus. I wanted to get the kids more involved and Safety Patrol was a good start. Eventually I would like to add more clubs and organizations and I’m grateful that I have many teachers willing to help me. I want to build good leadership skills and service,” said second-year Memorial Intermediate principal Cristina Lopez.

Applications were made available to students who wished to participate. On these applications, students were required to obtain grades from homeroom teachers, permission from parents and be able to tell why they were interested in being part of the Safety Patrol. Twelve students were selected to the patrol and were notified of their new position and awarded certificates on Friday, October 19. The 12 students selected will now be tasked with getting to school a little early to be the eyes and ears of the campus during morning drop off.

“These students will greet everyone with a ‘good morning’ and shuffle everyone to their appropriate holding areas in the morning,” said Lopez. “The Safety Patrol will also help with the car line during drop-off. Students will be given signs to hold encouraging drivers to either ‘stop’ or ‘proceed’.”

Along with their newly appointed position, members of the Safety Patrol will be given reflective vests and walkie-talkies to assist them in their tasks.

Patrol members held their first meeting Monday, where they were instructed on safety and observation by Texas state troopers Joe Abreu and Thomas Ramirez. These troopers were contacted by Lopez and were quick to come out in support of the new campus organization.

“We all need to cooperate and help others feel safe,” said trooper Abreu. “I just told the kids to be aware of their surroundings, both above them and below them, and that ‘if you see something, say something’.”

Students were excited to see the troopers and hear what they had to say in regards to safety and monitoring.

“I was very excited to see them (the Troopers). They seemed assertive, but had a good vibe,” said fifth grader Emily Rivadeneyra. Rivadeneyra applied for the Patrol because she enjoys being involved with her campus. She is currently a member of the school’s Destination Imagination squad and is hoping to serve on Student Council. She hopes to apply her leadership skills as a chemical engineer in the future.

The Safety Patrol will be on duty every morning at Memorial and will certainly provide a new area for the student body to exercise their leadership skills and civic duties, something that Lopez hopes to bring more of to the campus.