Jim Wells County Sheriff Daniel Bueno was featured in the Texas Lawman Magazine for the department's cattle rustling program he implemented in 2017.

The magazine is distributed to all members of the Sheriffs' Association of Texas.

"We have introduced the program to 35 agents in the State of Texas," Bueno said. "We want it to flourish. We want it to take off. It's reached 257 sheriffs plus members of the association."

"It's nice to be featured in the magazine and to have them recognize the program," Sheriff Bueno said. "It's a recognition of our city, community, county...I couldn't have done it by myself...I want to thank (Livestock Investigator) Aubrey Harper, Eddie Garcia from the Gulf Coast Auction Barn and Rogelio Mercado (JWX Extension Agent) for their (partnership) in the program."

The Cattle Rustling program is free and gives farmers and ranchers the opportunity to register their property along with personal information about their ranch, property and equipment. All the information is confidential and will only be used in case their is a theft or other incident near the property.

Livestock Investigator Harper was permanently assigned to oversee the program.

Bueno urges ranchers and property owners to take the opportunity to register with the sheriff's office. Registering with the Sheriff's Office will give property owners a tag with a special number. Tags received should be placed on the fences that surround the property. Each tag number is different. They are designed to help deputies reach owners, and know confidential information about the livestock and ranch property.

According to the sheriff, more than 330 ranch and farm properties have been registered with the program.

Bueno and his department have given speeches about the program in Duval, across Jim Wells and Hallesttsville Counties. He will be making presentations in Laredo and the Valley.

Ranchers and farmers can still register for free by calling the sheriff's office at 361-668-0341 and speaking with Livestock Investigator Aubrey Harper.