Name: Megan Rios

Parents: Natividad and Carolina Rios 

Educational or Future Plans: I plan to attend Del Mar College to major in Culinary Arts, I hope to one day own my very own bakery.

Clubs and Officer positions: NHS- Vice President, Interact Club- Secretary, Band- Section Leader, Debate

Accomplishments and Honors: Received a $200 scholarship from a Speech Contest. I had the most hours done in NHS last year with 84 hours. Made it to region my previous year for band.

The best advice I ever received: The best advice that I ever received was from my father. Which was “To never give up and to always keep trying”. I always try my best at what I do in life, and I will always strive high rather than being average.

Where do I see myself in 5 years? I see myself in my last year of college getting ready to take on the bigger challenges in life, and working hard for what I want to do in life.

If I could change anything about this world: If I could change one thing about this world I would change all the poverty we have. I see it everyday life and you don’t even have to know their story but just helping these people out makes a big change in their lives. My goal has always been to help people and that will continue to be my goal until I die. 

Inviting 3 people to a dinner: The first person I would invite would be Rosa Parks even though she is gone, I just want to know more about what life was like back then. I would want know how much courage she had to have to stand up for herself and everyone else. The next person I would invite would be Tim Burton. He is my favorite movie producer/writer of all time. I would love to know where he gets his inspiration from for his movies. Finally I would invite J.k. Rowling because she wrote my favorite book series, which is Harry Potter. I want to know more in detail where the whole Harry Potter idea came from.


Food: Tuna Wrap from Fruit Revolution

Book: Any of the Harry Potter Books

Movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton

Town in Texas: Fort Worth

Vacation Spot: Oklahoma

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