A petition for removal of Precinct 1 Jesus “Chuy” Salinas was filed in the 79th District Clerk in Jim Wells County by another Constable.

On Sept. 10, Constable Precinct 3 Jim Long filed the petition as per local government code Chapter 87.

Salinas has been constable for more than 10 years and over the last few years JWC residents have questioned why he is still in office. Salinas, who continues to be on the payroll, is home bound due to an unknown medical illness.

His salary in 2018 was $46,874 and is expected to receive the same amount in 2019.

“His seat has been vacant and it's costing the county money...,” said Constable Precinct 3 Jim Long. “We need to get someone to fill the position to work for the county.”

Long listed in the petition reasons for removal:

Constable Jesus “Chuy” Salinas is elected as Constable Precinct 1 in JWC Salinas was arrested for suspicion of intoxication assault in about November 2015 in JWC Salinas has not performed his job as Constable for over two years, Salinas is not current on his training mandated by Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) to keep his peace officer license current JWC has employed others to perform Salinas' duties at additional expense to the County. Constables are certified peace officers, but they also serve as bailiff for the justice courts, and serves subpoenas and court documents necessary to the functioning of both the civil and criminal justice systems, according to the JWC website.

In his petition, Long states three grounds for removal.

Incompetency – unfitness or inability to promptly and properly discharge official duties because of a serious physical or mental defect. Salinas cannot work as stated to TV news investigator in May 22, 2018. Official Misconduct – The intentional or corrupt failure, refusal, or neglect of an officer to perform a duty imposed on the officer by law. Serving of civil process and bailiff for the court. Intoxication on or off duty – Cause by drinking an alcoholic beverage. Arrested as such. The petition along with news article of Salinas' arrest in 2015 when he crashed into another vehicle while leaving a bar on Highway 281. He was booked in the JWC jail and charged with intoxication assault.

Long's petition has been presented to District Judge Richard Terrell. Judge Terrell is expected to review and take action, if needed.