CONCEPCION – County Roads 235 and 239 have been heavily damage after recent rains. During the rains, the two roads were wiped out leaving residents in that area stuck and worried about their safety.

Concepcion resident Victoria Arredondo said that her road, County Road 235, began to deteriorate with the rain in June. When the rain associated with Tropical Storm 95-L fell in Duval County the road was completely washed away.

On Facebook, Arredondo claims that her husband and others in the area had to miss work and doctors appointments due to the condition of the road.

“If a resident has a medical emergency, first responders would not be able to get through and God forbid this happens or someone dies because emergency crews can’t get to them in time,” she wrote.

In order for residents to get into nearby towns, they must detour to another county road which has also been flooded.

After Arredondo posted the pictures on Facebook, good samaritans attempted to fix the county road.

She also sent the pictures directly to the commissioner about these conditions.

One of her pictures shows her father standing in the middle of County Road 235. Her father is 5 foot 11 inches depicting how much the rain has washed away the road.