Name: Cindy Vo

Parents: Vivian Tran and David Vo

Educational or Future Plan:

I plan to either attend the University of Texas in Austin, University of Houston, or Rice University to obtain a Bachelor's Degree. I expect to major in Biomedical Sciences or Biology. After Undergraduate School, I plan to attend Medical School in Houston at Baylor to obtain a Doctorate’s degree in Anesthesia. If everything goes as planned, I hope to become an anesthesiologist in 10-12 years.

Clubs and Officer Positions:

HOSA-4 years, NHS-2 years, Band-7 years, Yearbook-1 year, Marching Band Section Leader-2 consecutive years, Athletics-2 years


Honor Band-4 years 1st Chair Honor Band Competition-2nd Chair Certified Nurses Assistant Graduate from CBC SkillsUSA Basic Health Care-Gold Medalist (Region) SkillsUSA Basic Health Care State Qualifier-8th place out of 24 Coyote Scholar-3 years Class Ranking: 4 out of 316 

What is the best advice you ever received? Who gave you the advice?

“You are always in control of your own actions” and “Live life with finesse and grace” - Dr. Suraj Kumat

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Being that I have obtained my Associate’s degree in high school, I should be done with undergraduate school and moving on to the next chapter in my career which would be medical school.

If you could change anything about this world, what would it be and why?

If I had to change anything about this world, it would possibly be inequality in the world. People claim to support equal rights, but prejudice stops people from treating others equally. I believe that we all deserve to be treated the same no matter the race, religion, color, creed or sexual orientation of a person. People are people and like you and I they are all trying to survive and make something of themselves everyday.

If you could invite 3 people to dinner who would they be and why?

Ellen Degeneres: Being that she is one of the world’s leading entertainers, I would want to sit down and have a conversation with her. I would like to know her thoughts and feelings of what it is like to be able to bring joy to people every day.

Bill Gates: A man that has built an empire with his own two hands has got to have amazing advice and wisdom. Gates dropped out of Harvard to pursue his dream in building computers. Where would we be technologically if Gates had decided to pursue college?

Leonardo Da Vinci: We are where we are in science, art and technology today because of the advancements and discoveries made by Da Vinci. Living back in an era without the technology and resources we have today and being able to discover the things Da Vinci discovered, shows how highly intellectual he is/was. 


Food-Chicken Spaghetti or Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo. Anything Italian in general.

Book-Love and Misadventure by Lang Leav

Movie-I’ve seen so many movies in my lifetime, but a movie series I've grown up loving to watch is the Harry Potter Series.

Town in Texas-Houston, due to the fact of how largely diverse and beautiful the city is.

Vacation Spot-Colorado

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