With the recent rains in the area, people have taken the trucks into properties to go "mudding." Jim Wells County Sheriff Daniel Bueno has issued a warning for individuals who go "mudding" in private property and destroy farm and ranch land.

The Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous calls and complaints from farmers and ranchers about the damages caused by people with big trucks.

Damages to the properties can cost up to $10,000 in repairs.

The sheriff's office will file charges to anyone found "mudding." If you are caught your vehicle will be impounded, and there is a possibility of jail time, according to Bueno.

Bueno asks the community to please be aware of this situation and call the JWC Sheriff’s Office to report any and all suspicious activity.

If you are able to locate any license plates that have fallen off these vehicles please call it in to the sheriff’s office at 361-668-0341.