FREER – Students at Freer Independent School District have been involved in the ACE program. The program gives students the opportunity to foster their education with lessons that aren't always available in the normal classroom setting.

Some Freer ACE program students recently showed off their cooking skills at the high school. Students play games and have the opportunity to learn about technolgy.

Freer and San Diego ISD's were recently awarded the 21st Century Texas ACE Grant in a total amount of $1.1 million dollars.

The goal of this program is to foster each student's academic success by improving attendance, behavior and academics which will lead to grade level promotion, graduation and helping students be more prepared for college and the workplace.

The program is free of charge to students from kinder to 12th grade. Parents will also have opportunities to improve their own knowledge and skills through monthly parent meetings and training opportunities.

The Texas ACE Program is a before and after school program that will offer tutoring assistance, homework help and other education enrichment activities.