Investigators with the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office were able to solve two recent thefts with the assistance of the public and recover the stolen property.

The stolen property came from The Cowboy Church break-in in Orange Grove and the TRIO Equipment, located east of Alice.

"I would like to thank the citizens of Orange Grove, Sandia and Pernitas Point community for your continued support of the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office," JWC Sheriff Daniel Bueno stated. "Without the public's assistance cases like this many not get solved. These suspects steal to support their drug habits. I would like for you to remember we are only a phone call away."

The Cowboy Church was broken into on Sept. 11 by an unknown suspect and stole musical instruments that were utilized during services. Through the use of departmental resources, Investigator Sgt. Danny Galvez located the two guitars, valued about $2,000, in Nueces County.

The case is under investigation. No arrests have been made.

In February, representatives of TRIO Company were notified that equipment stolen from them was at a pawn shop in Nueces County. A hold on the items was placed until the items could be confirmed stolen. After a lengthy investigation, Galvez discovered the equipment, actuator valves and a wrench, were in fact stolen from the oilfield company. The equipment is valued at more than $6,000.

Galvez was able to obtain an arrest warrant for the suspect in this case. However, the individual is currently in a drug facility program in Nueces County. Investigators plan to arrest the man once he is released.

Sheriff Bueno urges everyone to mark their property. He stresses how important it is to write down or photograph serial and model numbers to help investigators recover stolen property.