SAN DIEGO - Taxpayers in Duval County may choose to pay their property taxes starting in October in order to receive a discount.

During the Sept. 10 Commissioner's Court meeting, Duval County Judge Ricardo "Rocky" Carrillo and the Commissioners approved the discount as presented to them by the county's tax assessor-collector Roberto Elizondo.

Taxpayers who pay their taxes early, will be entitle to a 3,2,1 discount depending on when they pay. Discounts are as follows:

October – three percent discount November – two percent discount December – one percent discount “This will allow us to do two things. One is, it will allow us to lift the (hiring) freeze quickly and to allow us to lift any restrictions on purchase orders as well,” Carrillo said after the approval from the court.

As of Tuesday, Sept. 18, the tax office was waiting for other entities such as the City of San Diego and the San Diego Independent School District's tax approval.

Discounts will be available the second week of October.

According to Elizondo, Benavides ISD is the only other entity in Duval County who has the 3,2,1 discounts.

Also discussed in Commissioner's Court was a hiring freeze of all non-essential employees until further notice, the annual supplement for the District's Attorney's Office and allow all purchase order requests to be approved by the county judge until further notice.

The Court approved the hiring freeze effective the same day, and tabled the other two items.