Jesse Guerra, Julian Soto Jr. and Amy Peznia had to be rescued from Lake Findley by Alice firefighters Wednesday due to water crossing the roadway.

Guerra and Soto were at Lake Findley to try out some new fishing poles. With recent rain, Guerra checked the roadway, but at that time the low line area of the road was dry. He saw that there was only water in the drainage area, but not enough to concern him.

It wasn't until Peznia, who was at the lake for a run, notified the two men that the water had flown into the dip in the road making it impossible to cross.

This is not the first time Guerra gets stranded at the lake due to high water. In 2015, Guerra had to be rescue for the same thing.

According to Interim Fire Chief Patrick Thomas, the creek bed is usually dry and most people don't even realize it's a creek on normal days, but with the recent rain the creek filled with water and is now flowing.

Firefighters used water rescue technicians in rescue vehicles to evacuate the residents. With all the recent rain and rising water, it's important that residents remember to turn around, don't drown.

No injuries were reported.

Lake Findley is now closed.