An investigation was prompted at the Alice High School after a student discovered a threatening message on a scientific calculator Tuesday afternoon.

According to the police report, the message on the calculator read "9/13/2018 I'll be shooting the school, this is your fault, down with AHS."

The calculator and the message were found during the last class period of the day, sitting on a desk. When the student returned it to the classroom teacher, the student told the teacher about the message.

Students were questioned about the message, but no arrests have been made.

A letter referencing the incident was posted on the Alice High School Facebook page informing parents.

The letter stated, “Recently we received a written communication of a threat to the school. AHS administrators have been working with city authorities on this investigation and have concluded that there is limited evidence of an actual threat.”

"We really take student and staff safety seriously. Any threat made goes through an investigation (with the threat assessment team) making sure that we are being responsive," Alice ISD Superintendent Dr. Carl Scarbrough stated. "Each school has a threat assessment team made up of administrators, teachers, security and law enforcement that reviews all threats. Any threat that comes by we will take seriously, and enact all precautionary measures."

The letter lists basic safety rules for the school’s safety and security, and a reminder to parents to talk with their children about the importance of reporting anything they hear or see that may be a potential danger.