Three Alice Disc Jockey's (DJ) are competing for a chance to be in the Festival DJ Invitational 2018 by Freaky Deaky. In order, to earn the chance to perform.

Omar Cantu, Lee Landis and John Guzman have been in the entertainment business for several years playing electric dance music. Now, the guys, who are under as KRYST, want to be the winning DJs for the event.

"This (festival) would be really big for us," Cantu stated. "We'd appreciate the Alice community's support on helping us win. Each Facebook votes from the community gets us one vote closer to the win."

"If we win, we get to play on day one of the event," Cantu said. "We've submitted our name and now we just wait for the votes to come in."

Voting has began and ends on Oct. 6.

To vote visit and look for the KRYST tab.