On Thursday afternoon, agents with the Jim Wells and Duval County Sheriff's Departments, and the Alice Police Department stormed a residence on Presnall Street where a wanted individual was residing.

After a brief standoff, police arrested 27-year-old Jacob Lee Garza.

The incident was a block away from a middle school. Sheriff officials had the campus on lockdown until Garza was in handcuffs.

Garza is wanted with a string of burglaries that have occurred in Jim Wells, Duval and Live Oak Counties, and in the Cities of Alice, George West, Robstown and Odessa, according to JWC Sheriff Daniel Bueno.

According to the Sheriff Bueno, Garza told officials he has no recollection of how many burglaries he has committed. Garza is believed to have stolen deer mounted heads, Louis Vuitton purses, guns, tools and sunglasses to pay for his drug addiction.

Sheriff Bueno reminds people that anyone who purchases stolen items can also be arrested. Anyone with stolen property or knows information about the stolen property is asked to return the property to the sheriff's office.

Garza has been arrested about 20 times and as three convictions for burglaries.

Garza was transported to the JWC jail. He was charged with warrants which include burglary of a habitation and engaging in criminal activity.

Two other men, Anestiacio "Andy" Bueno and Ramon Nonato Altamirano, are wanted in connection with the same burglaries. Sheriff officials believe the men fled to Odessa.

Sheriff officials are working with Odessa law enforcement to track down the two men.