Woman transports pills from Mexico

While officers were investigating a vehicle accident on Sunday, a woman in a white Volkswagen passed them yelling for help. Officer Maritza Perez followed the vehicle to an apartment complex on the 2500 block of South Cameron. The officer made contact with Anissa Cantu and another woman who were accusing each other of assault.

Through the investigation, Officer Perez learned that the woman had traveled to Mexico to purchase some items. As the officer patted down Cantu for officer safety she felt a hard object in Cantu's pants. Cantu removed an Ibuprofen prescription bottle from her pants. However, Cantu admitted to the officer that the bottle contained 270 Xanax pills she purchased in Mexico.

Cantu was arrested for possession of dangerous drugs. She was taken to the Jim Wells County jail.

Woman asleep in stranger's car

On Sunday morning, Officer Perez was on patrol on the 1000 block of Oakland Drive when she observed a woman asleep in the back seat of a vehicle. Officer Perez approached the woman, later identified as Monica Rios, to check on her well-being. When Rios awoke, the officer noticed she was disoriented, had slurred speech and smelled of alcohol. Rios told the officer she was at home. To verify Rios' story, the officer spoke to the homeowner who stated he didn't know Rios and didn't have permission to sleep in his vehicle.

Rios was transported to the JWC jail. At the jail, Officer Perez was asked to help correctional officers in removing Rios' jewelry and clothing when a small bag of cocaine fell from Rios' bra.

Rios was charged with public intoxication and possession of a controlled substance.

Mother calls cops on son

Officers responded to a call on the 100 block of Palo Blanco in reference to Gabriel Chapa Jr. smoking synthetic marijuana. When the officer arrived, he spoke with Chapa's mother who stated Chapa was passed out on her picnic table from smoking drugs. When the officer approached Chapa, he stood up and dropped a burnt marijuana cigarette from is waist area. Chapa was taken to the JWC jail and charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Source: Alice police reports