On Tuesday, Alice City Council approved a partnership between the Alice Police Department and Alice Independent School District for a School Resource Officer.

According to sources, the partnership was in the works before the hiring of Alice Superintendent Dr. Carl Scarbrough. However, the two entities recently met to discuss what the responsibilities would be with the partnership.

The school resource officer will be hired from officers at the Alice Police Department. An interested officer will submit his or her letter of intent before being reviewed. The officer will be getting reassigned to school duties district-wide for all the Alice campuses.

The officer will still report to the police department before and after the shifts begin. He or she will have a police unit to travel between the campuses and can conduct traffic stops.

While on school grounds the officer will conduct trainings and consult with administration on some issues.

When a student is "in trouble," the officer must determine if the student violated school policy or the law. If the student violated school policy the school will take appropriate action. If the student violates the law than the officer may detain the child and transport to the police department.

During the summer months when the school year is over and summer school has let out, the resource officer will resume his or her duties as an officer with the Alice PD.

The salary has not been approved yet, but numbers tossed around for the resource officer could be around $60,000, which includes benefits and training expenses. The cost will be split between the two entities, city officials said. 

The partnership will be finalized at a later date with a signing of a memorandum of understanding.