On Sunday, August 26, 2018 at 5:50 p.m. Officer Raul David Valadez was advised of a theft in progress at H-E-B E. Main, involving two people and a black in color GMC Yukon with black rims.

Upon arrival Cpl. Salinas and Officer C. Gonzales were on scene with Loss Prevention. Cpl. Salinas spoke with Huwe and informed officer that both the male identified as Gerardo Garza, along with Arissa Trevino, both charged for theft over $100 under $750 after they passed the last point of sale with a shopping cart with $562.53 of merchandise. The merchandise consisted of clippers, grooming items, pampers, beer, toilet paper, and numerous small items to include flashlights, shampoo, and other products.

Loss Prevention Officer provided Officer B. Reynolds an affidavit along with an itemized receipt identifying the items taken and recovered. Officer Reynolds also was given a black and white printed photo of the merchandise.

Officer C. Gonzales and myself transported the male and female suspects to the Alice Police Department, where they were processed for Theft Property Over $100 Under $750.

Garza was transported to the Jim Wells County Jail where he was incarcerated. Trevino was taken to the Jail then to Christus Sphon Alice for medical clearance. Trevino was cleared then transported to the Jim Wells County Jail, where she was incarcerated.

Source: Alice Police Department.