On Saturday, August 25, 2018 at approximately 2:14 p.m., Office Jose Flores was dispatched to 1115 E. Main St., H-E-B in reference to an intoxicated male subject inside the store.

Upon arriving he heard an unknown male voice yell out " he's running sir." At that time the officer looked behind as he was getting off his unit and observed a skinny man wearing a gray in color shirt with jeans jump the cart corral and run east towards the side of the store.

Flores got back in his patrol unit and engaged his lights and siren to the attention of the pedestrians walking as he proceeded to the rear of the store. The officer observed the male subject later identified as Francisco Javier Recinos, running alongside the vehicles at the north end parking lot wall. Officer excited his patrol and began running towards Recinos, as he observed the man throwing something over the wall and trying to climb the wall. Flores made contact with Recinos and began to yell for him to lift his hands in the air as he began to reach into his pockets while pointing X-26 taser at him. Recinos continued to reach around his waist area and was not complying with verbal orders. Officer then engaged the taser center mass and Recinos fell to the ground. While Recinos was on the ground, assisting Officer N. Reyes, gained control of him and placed hand restraints. While searching Recinos, I noticed that he was trying to reach for his pocket. I searche his pocket and notice a black color baggy. Officer Belmares walked to the lot where Recinos threw the item. Officer Belmares recovered an orange in color pill bottle containing several white pills of xanax.

Recinos was transported to the Alice Police Department, where he was processed and then taken to the County Jail for Incarceration.

Synthetic weighed in at 11.4 grams and the xanax weighed in at 3.63 grams.

Source: Alice Police Department.