Alice police and firefighters were presented with a token of appreciation that will protect their homes and families as they protect their community.

On Tuesday, State Farm presented 70 police and firefighters with an innovative home security monitoring unit, Canary devices, as part of their Protect the Protectors campaign. The device alerts the first responder to motion, air quality and temperature changes in their home through an app.

"We hope that by providing first responders with a bit more personal security it allows them to do their jobs with more assure and confidence knowing that all is safe and sound with their families and their homes, said Raul Ramirez, State Farm agent.

Ramirez first approached the City of Alice City Manager Michael Esparza about the donation to express his gratitude for all the work first responders in Alice do for its residents and the surrounding communities. 

"I appreciate the efforts to provide us with these devices because a lot of times people don't realize that these guys are on patrol or at the fire station and not at home for special event," said Interim Fire Chief Patrick Thomas.

State Farm has a long history supporting first responders. According to Ramirez, State Farm understands what first responders sacrifice every day they work to keep everyone safe.

"Anytime that we, the police and fire departments, get recognized it says that somebody cares," said Alice Police Chief Rex Ramon.