FREER - A complaint alleging discrimination based on gender and retaliation has been filed against Freer Mayor Arnold Cantu.

City Manager Ana Garcia filed the complaint on Aug. 2 stating Mayor Cantu has used vulgar and discriminatory language towards her. According to the complaint, the earliest discrimination date occurred on October 2017.

Garcia began working with Cantu in September 2013. But in November 2016, Cantu became the mayor by default.

According to Garcia's complaint, the vulgar language and discriminatory acts began when his term began. She also stated Cantu has used this language against her when she questions his actions as mayor or because she refuses to break the law upon his request.

Garcia also alleges the mayor discriminates against all women employed with the City and attempts to intimidate other administrators.

According to Garcia's grievance letter to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Cantu has created a hostile work environment for city employees.

Mayor Cantu's actions have been brought to the attention of the Mayor Pro-tem and Freer City Council members, but no formal action has taken place to reprimand the mayor.

The issue will be addressed at an upcoming meeting set for Thursday, Aug. 30. As of press time, Mayor Cantu did not return phone calls made by AENJ.