Fifteen years drove by pretty fast for Evelyn McGuire as a newspaper carrier for the Alice Echo News Journal.

McGuire threw her last paper and end her tenure with a small celebration by the staff at the local newspaper. During the celebration she reminisced about her time and how it all began.

“One sticks in my mind. I kept throwing the TMCs (now known as AdSack)...,” she said. “I kept throwing them every week. I'd throw them, (the customer) would leave them laying around. I'd throw them whether he left them there or whatever he did with them. So finally, one day, he took them, piled them all up in like a tipi form and lit them on fire.”

“He stacked it there and he made a sign saying 'Please, no more papers. That one really stuck in my mind forever. That was quite a few years back.”

Every delivery day, McGuire would wake up before 4 a.m. To start her work. McGuire was a part of a cycle made up of journalists, advertisers and circulation departments that worked together to let people know what was happening in their community.

McGuire would work an average of five hours on delivery days, depending when the truck with newspapers arrived

“I'm really going to miss the customers. I met a lot of people,” she stated.

McGuire started with the newspaper back in 2003 with her daughter-in-law who had seen an advertisement for carriers. Between McGuire, her daughter-in-law, her husband Thomas and her grandson who was only two months old, the newspaper route began.

“(My daughter-in-law) had a suburban back than. (Thomas) would sit in the back with the grandbaby babysitting, she'd drive, and I'd roll the paper and throw them out the window,” McGuire stated.

According to McGuire's husband, they wore out four vehicles and drove a total of 20,000 miles a year.

During her routes, she'd often get calls about the dogs in the area “chewing up” the newspapers. So with her own money she installed about 92 plastic tubes for her customers' papers.

Looking back and talking about the years she spent with the newspaper made her laugh.

“I had a lot of fun. People always ask me what I've been doing here so long, but I just like it,” she stated. “I don't know why I did, but I loved my job.”