Dr, Mark Escamilla, president of Del Mar College, held a news conference and featured Valdar the Viking and details on the 2018 Over the Edge fundraising campaign and the unveiling of the $25,000 check from sponsor Flint Hills Resources.

Rappellers who participated in last year’s event will be on hand to demonstrate the helmet, harness and other gear required to rappel down the side of a building.

Because last year’s event was so successful, the DMC Foundation is again partnering with Over the Edge (OTE) to raise scholarship funds for DMC students. OTE Global is a special events company that stages the event for nonprofits around the world with organization leaders and community members raising donations in exchange for the experience of going “over the edge” and rappelling down a building.

Last October, 27 people, including DMC President and CEO Dr. Mark Escamilla, volunteered to rappel down 20 stories from the roof of the Holiday Inn Corpus Christi Downtown Marina. A net total of $45,586 was raised for DMC scholarships.

For this year’s event, scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 20, the DMC Foundation’s goal is to sign up 70 rappellers and raise $100,000. To register, call 361-698-1317.

Twenty-one people have already signed up as of Aug. 7, leaving 49 spots available.