The Alice Coyote Band is preparing another football season with this year's halftime show named Carnival España.

But before they can suit up and march on the football field they must practice and practice marching and the new formations. Students are learning how to step and roll as well as the musical selections that include songs such as Malaguena Salerosa and Key Poulan's Rio.

Alice High School students are one of the many bands preparing to show their musical and marching talents to their communities during football halftime shows.

The high school band has been practicing their song selections and specific moves under the instruction of Arnold Garza and the new drum majors.

The new drum majors are Madison Timmons, junior, Meela Garza, junior and Lyndsey Lozano, senior.

There are 230 students in the marching band with approximately 70 freshman.

The band will take the field for the first time this season on Friday night at home against the Laredo Alexander Bulldogs.