Experts Share Why Summer is a Great Time to Get Started with Backyard Poultry

Summer is often synonymous with tackling those must-do family projects while school is out of session. While arts and crafts, gardening, or DIY outdoor activities may come to mind first, there’s an untapped adventure awaiting right in the backyard—raising chickens. And though some may associate springtime with starting a flock, experts agree that there are several benefits that make late summer a great time to get started.

“I’ve done a fair share of exploring the best seasons for raising backyard poultry,” said Jeannette Beranger, senior program manager at The Livestock Conservancy. “While there are definite perks to raising chicks in the spring, it’s important not to overlook the key advantages that make late summer months a prime time of year to add chicks to any brood.”

To offer families a one-stop shop to see for themselves, Tractor Supply’s Chick Days is returning to stores nationwide, including the Alice​ location, through mid-September. The eight-week event features live baby chicks and ducklings in store along with the supplies and expert guidance needed to begin or grow a backyard flock.

According to Beranger, there are a variety of reasons to choose Chick Days as your late summer adventure.

“Chicks purchased throughout the next few months will actually produce more eggs during their first year compared to those purchased in the spring,” said Beranger. “Pullets purchased now will be at the right age to immediately begin laying eggs next spring, which is peak season because the days are longer.”

Becky Sunshine, a popular YouTube homestead expert and backyard poultry consultant for Tractor Supply’s Chick Days, agrees that there are key advantages to raising chicks right now.

“Raising chicks in the late summer gives your layers a leg up come springtime,” said Sunshine. “Not to mention the weather is milder, and we have more time to spend outside during these summer months.”

Beyond helping families begin or expand their flocks during Chick Days, Tractor Supply stores are stocked year-round with the supplies to properly raise and care for backyard poultry, including feed, bedding, heat bulbs and lamps, coops, and more. Enthusiasts can visit for an expanded selection and year-round availability of poultry products and live birds.

Visit for expert information on safe handling and care for poultry, building a chicken coop, and more. Backyard poultry rules and regulations vary by city, county and state, so check with your local government before purchasing. Learn more about in-store chick and duckling arrivals by following Tractor Supply on Facebook or visiting your local store, which you can find at