A routine traffic stop for not having a front license plate uncovered approximately 500 grams of marijuana Tuesday morning.

Officer David Moya conducted a traffic stop on a Ford Fusion on the Highway 281 bypass near County Road 1554. He made contact with the driver Maria Pacheco and two passengers Ricardo Alvarado and Rogelio Pena.

The officer conducted a roadside interview with the three individuals and received conflicting stories about their trip.

Pacheco gave the officer consent to search the vehicle.

Officer Moya requested backup and with the assistance conducted the search. Inside a large black suitcase the officers discovered several bundles of marijuana.

According to Officer Moya, the suspects intended to conceal the narcotics with coffee grains. When the bundles were undone the officers observed 12 jars of marijuana, 24 individual black packages and six individual clear packages.

The total weight including packaging was 500 grams. 

Alvarado and Pena were transported to the Jim Wells County jail.

Pacheco was arrested but released due to the jail capacity.