SAN DIEGO - With the start of a new school year just weeks away law enforcement in Duval County had a special exercise to prepare for the unthinkable.

But officers don't just train for a shooting at a school. The main purpose of all trainings is to keep law enforcement officers alert and aware of their surroundings.

"I wanted everyone to be on the same page when and if we actually do have an active shooter scenario anywhere in the county," said Johnny Perez with the Duval County Sheriff's Office. "This does not apply only to school. This can carry over to businesses such as grocery stores and shopping centers, officers, courthouse, government buildings, etc. I put this curriculum together to have all of law enforcement touch base on what to do if a situation arises."

There have been more than 200 mass shooting in 2018, according to Gun With 45 of those in the month of July and eight of them in Texas.

Perez, who works with the Duval County Sheriff's Office, works on training officers for the unexpected. He has been training other officers on how to approach an active shooter and how to work with each other. Officers practiced two, three and five man approaches as they walk down the hallways stoping to show officers how mistakes can cause someone to get hurt or die.

His main phrase during the exercise was "don't rush to your death." 

Always reminding them to be patient and clear every area of the building. Officers have been training in different exercises throughout the county.

Officers participating in the training were from Duval County Sheriff's Office and from the Benavides, Freer and San Diego Police Departments.

Perez would like to continue this training with other schools throughout the county and thanks San Diego ISD for the use of their facilities for the training.