For the last six years the Calaveras 13MC TwinCam Rally has been growing as it attracts more visitors to the area for a weekend of music and fun.

With more people on the road for the event there was also more law enforcement presence. Along with Alice police and Jim Wells County deputies patrolling the streets, about a dozen Department of Public Safety troopers were also keeping a close eye on motorists.

“We were just working like we do every weekend,” said Sgt. Raul Ochoa with DPS. “Making sure everyone driving to and from the rally were driving safely.”

Over the weekend, 24 individuals were arrested and booked into the Jim Wells County jail from Friday, July 20 through Sunday, July 22, according to county officials.

Arrests included possession of marijuana, warrants, terroristic threats and driving while intoxicated. Sheriff officials could not confirm those arrested had anything to do with the rally itself, but some of the arrests included motorcycle riders.

Just as the night festivities began on Friday, July 20, one ATV accident inside the fairgrounds had occurred with one individual taken to the hospital for head injuries and flown by HALO-Flight to Corpus Christi.

On Saturday as the last concert was wrapping up, about 17 units from City of Alice, DPS and county made their way towards the crowd to check on a disturbance call. No arrests were made from that call.

The weekend before the rally, the jail took in 8 arrests. The weekend of July 4th, there were 15 total city and county arrests.

However, more than usual law enforcement presence was noticed in Alice and surrounding communities.