SAN DIEGO - At Tuesday's meeting Rotarians learned how the city and county have began to prepare for hurricane season.

San Diego Fire Chief Juan Soliz, San Diego Police Chief Rogelio Rodriguez and Duval County Emergency Coordinator Priscilla Martinez Rodriguez visited the Rotarians to discuss how they are ready for another season.

According to Soliz and Rodriguez, they have learned from Hurricane Harvey and are ready to help residents prepare for a hurricane or flooding disaster in the area.

Chief Rodriguez asked Rotarians to spread the word on how important it is to have their address numbers on their houses and their mailboxes in case of an emergency. Without proper numbers the rescue efforts maybe delayed.

He also reminded to have have a bag of essentials and important documents ready in case of an evacuation is needed.

Priscilla Martinez Rodriguez went through a list of things that everyone should do before, during and after a hurricane. She listed tips such as having food, water and she also stressed how important it is to check on elderly neighbors who live alone.

She is currently working on getting assistance for flooding victims from the recent rains in Duval County area.