For the last 35 years the thrift store Trash and Treasure has helped people in Alice and surrounding communities with more than they know.

"The whole operation was established to fund the food bank," Elaine Broesche, manager for Trash and Treasure. "and all run by volunteers, about 25 volunteers. The volunteers have different assignments and work in crews."

The store opened in 1983 and moved to its current location in the 1990s. With the shear volume of donations they had to expand their business. The store even sends items they can't use to other charities.

Alice Volunteer Services Board see the daily operations of the thrift store located on Main Street.

"All proceeds made at the store go towards the purchase of food that gets distributed to anyone in need," Broesche said. "We have regular customers who come to shop and we also have people that come just to socialize."

The store recently won the best thrift store in the 2018 Alice Echo News Journal's Readers' Choice.

"We are very grateful and very honored. Its wonderful to know that we have cliental who recognize what we do and that's an honor," Broesche said. " We are grateful to the community. It's a great feeling to know that we are actually doing something good, helpful and that our work is appreciated."

The store and the cliental rely on donations from the public. People bring in all sorts of donations that get sorted and priced, than sits on the shelf or hanger until someone buys it. Money in the register is than used to buy food from either the Corpus Christi Food Bank or a wholesale outlet.

Businesses like Edward's Furniture deliver big ticket items that have minor scratches or blemishes to the store. One individual cleans out storage lockers and donates the items he finds. Children, businesses and other organizations raise money or donate to the store and the food bank as well.

"It's not an easy job and none of the volunteers get paid...," Broesche said. "The thrift store has a dual purpose. One there is a need in the area and there's a place where people can find it; two people can find quality clothes and reasonable prices."

The store works and appreciates all donations that go right back into helping those in need.