The last suspect in the home invasion that occurred on County Road 465 was arrested Wednesday evening after turning himself in to authorities.

Florentino Chapa was arrested on four counts of theft of a firearm, two counts of engaging in criminal activity, endangerment of a child, burglary of  a habitation with intent other felony and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The home invasion occurred Thursday, June 28 about 1 a.m., which escalated to a cross-fire shooting, resulted with the homeowner shooting one of the suspects.

Chapa was the suspect who was shot in the leg. Officials said Chapa has committed other home invasions and has no regard to human life.

Marcos Garza and Jesus Salinas were arrested Friday and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, burglary of a habitation with intent to commit a felony, child endangerment, theft of firearm and engaging in criminal activity.

After 24 hours of the investigation, officers developed more information to secure a warrant for Sergio Salinas in connection with the home invasion.

Salinas was picked up by officials as he was walking in the Rancho Alegre area about lunch on Tuesday. He was charged with four counts of theft of firearm.

Sheriff's officials said the four men forced themselves into a home on County Road 465 near Ben Bolt area while the family was asleep.

The homeowner was awaken and noticed the men putting on black masks and pulling out weapons. That's when he put his family members in a closet for safety. The owner shot at the suspects and a shooting ensued.

One of four of the bullets hit a headboard in one of the bedrooms where a child was sleeping.

The suspects took off in their vehicle and within moments crashed the vehicle they were in near a cement company off South Highway 281. The individuals walked to the cement company and attempted to steal a truck as the watch person at the company was awaken. In the process, the men removed cameras and DVRs from the building.

“The investigators, within 12 hours, had the suspects in custody,” said Sheriff Daniel Bueno. “This type of criminal activity will not be tolerated.”

Chapa is in custody at the JWC jail.