Being a part of a small community has its ups and downs, but it's how a person or business reacts to the community that can be the cause of success.

Owners of Bedazzle and More Flower and Gift Shop have seen the benefits of being in a small community. Recently they discovered that their business was given a "gracious" award by their community.

The business won the best florist category in the 2018 Alice Echo News Journal's Readers' Choice.

"We were driving in Alice and saw a floral shop for sale. We throw the idea around about opening a business for ourselves just as a hobby for me," said co-owner Floie Maldonado. "Trey (co-owner) was working full-time and so he would just help on his days off, but my hobby turned into something serious. Now we both do it together."

Bedazzle will be celebrating its sixth business anniversary in October. Maldonado credits his hometown for the success.

"The word-of-mouth advertising as helped us succeed. I've grown up in the community and my family is know for different activities in the community," he stated. "They let us serve them in the good and bad times. They come to us when there's a death of a loved one, but they are also here with us celebrating birthdays and anniversaries."

Maldonado said that his partner and him are married to the business. They are open Monday through Saturday and looked forward to helping customers especially the last minute shoppers.

When they began they catered to the funeral homes in the area. Slowly they began to grow and now have a second business location in Freer.

"We hope for the best as we continue to serve everyone in anyway possible," Maldonado said.