For another year Peter's Nail Salon was won a category in Alice Echo News Journal's Readers' Choice for their handy work. This year they earned the award for best manicure.

The nail salon has been in the area since 2010 and even though the salon has changed locations their customers have remained loyal.

Peter Ha came to the United States from Vietnam with his father at the age of 22. He wanted to own a business and started a nail business in Missouri, than one in Houston before he came to Alice with his wife.

"I came to Alice to help my wife's second cousin," Ha said. "I tried to go back to Houston, but I really love the people here in Alice. They've always been real nice to me."

Ha takes pride in knowing that his customers are happy with him and his families work.

"I feel close to the customers. They've been loyal and regular. Most of them see me on Facebook," he stated. "I appreciate them. There's not much to say but thank you. We try and make people happy, but you can't always do that."

Ha, his family and family's friends work 10 to 11 hours a day, every day of the week to keep business going and accommodate everyone that walks in their front door.

"Sometimes it's hard to do other things," Ha said. "I go to church and school events for my son, but we have a job to do."

Customer service and their satisfaction is what will keep Peter's Nail Salon open for years to come.