Driver admits to drinking; resists arrest

Reymundo Chavarria was arrested for driving while intoxicated with an open container and resisting arrest on Thursday morning.

An Alice police officer observed Chavarria make an improper turn onto Nayer Street and that the vehicle's tail lights wear not working. A traffic stop was conducted and Chavarria exited the vehicle. Chavarria admitted to "have drank a lot" and smelled of alcohol. He refused to perform a sobriety test.

When the officer attempted to arrest Chavarria he disobeyed commands and pulled away from the officer. Chavarria also had to be physically lifted and placed into the back seat of the officer's patrol unit.

At the Jim Wells County jail, Chavarria was placed in a restraint chair.

Man arrested for possession of narcotics

Officers responded to a fight in progress Wednesday on the 1300 block of West Front Street, but were unable to located the male suspects when they arrived near the location. As officers canvassed the area Rolando Hernandez, who matched the description of one of the suspects, was spotted walking near Front and Apple. A pat down of Hernandez for officer safety uncovered a bulge in his short's pocket. Hernandez told the officer he had a bag of synthetic marijuana. Hernandez was taken to the JWC jail and charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Source: Alice police reports