A talk about restaurant food turned into a memorial for a hard working woman.

Vianna Saenz, Rosa Garza, Fabian Arredondo and Nora Carrillo decided to live out their mother's dream and open a restaurant with home style cooking.

Petra Chapa also known as Mache passed away in 2013 from cancer. Her name is in the restaurant's name and her picture is hanging on the wall where every customer can see her.

In August 2017 Mache's Family Kitchen opened it's door and kitchen to the Alice community.

Mache lived her life working and raising her children. After working for years in other local restaurants she talked about owning her own restaurant. Mache's is a family owned restaurant with home style cooking and a family atmosphere, Arredondo stated.

Once opened the restaurant's success launched overnight, so it seems.

“We do well because of our staff. Without them we wouldn't be where we're at,” Saenz said.

“We treat our staff with respect and they treat everyone else with respect,” he said. Treating everyone with respect goes along away. Plus the food is good. I don't just say that because it's our place. Everything is made from scratch.”

The siblings have incorporated family recipes, and even asked friends and customers asked what they'd like to be served.

Mache's Family Kitchen recently won the Alice Echo News Journal's 2018 Readers' Choice for best home-style cooking.

“(Our mother) would be happy and proud with what we've accomplished,” Arredondo said. “We weren't born with a silver spoon. We were poor, but always had food.”

Everyday the customers bring in new customers with them. The siblings believe that the customers' word-of-mouth advertising has proven to be the best thing possible.

“We are overwhelmed that Alice came to try us and more continue to come. They discover our food and because of them we are here to stay,” Saenz stated.