A group of men sit around every morning before the sun makes its way over Alice to drink a cup of hot coffee and talk.

This group of men have been sitting at McDonald''s on Main Street for the several years enjoying a cup of coffee and friendship.

McDonalds recently won the 2018 Readers' Choice hosted by the Alice Echo News Journal for best coffee. They also won best kid's meal.

"The first group started about 20 years ago. There's only one of the original guys left," said Elisandro Rodriguez whose been part of the early morning group for about nine years. "We come to talk about stuff that happened during the day before."

The men, who come in several different groups, start the morning at 5:30 a.m. as others trickle in and out. The men greet everyone that comes through the door with a smile and a hello.

They read through the local newspaper and talk about the crime featured. The men, who are mostly retired, also watch the fast food chain's television listening to the politics happening around the nation and sharing their opinion.

"We check the obituaries to make sure we don't see ourselves there," Ruben Garcia said laughing. "You want to know about politics this is the place to be."

Rodriguez reminded the men that it was their vote that put elected officials in office and they had every right to "cut them down."

The men don't just focus on politics. They discuss everything from the crops and weather to their families and old friends building bonds one story at a time.

"We've been friends all our lives," said Arturo Moreno. "but now we are closer than ever."

The men aren't only friends at the restaurant. They also visit each other when one of them falls ill. They visit each other at the hospital especially if the stay is going to be longer than a day.

Recently, the group of men were hit with the fact that the breakfast manager, Maria Elena Quinones, at their favorite morning spot passed away.

"She was the best," said Rodriguez about Quinones as he looked towards the floor. "We've known Mari for a long time. She kept up with our birthdays and we kept up with hers...She was a nice lady; a very, very nice lady."

Moreno remembers Quinones for her friendly nature; always greeting them with a smile.

Just a group of coffee drinkers making bonds, sharing life and "brotherly love" at their favorite morning stop.