As our already hot summer heads toward Independence Day, don’t forget to keep children safe around water.

This year, 50 young children have drowned in Texas with four of those reports in South Texas. Our youngest children are our most vulnerable. Of the reported drownings, about three-quarters of them are 6 years-old or younger, and two out of four of the South Texas drownings occurred in a backyard pool. All children, even teens, are vulnerable to drowning, and 25 percent of victims in Texas are older than six.

Watch Kids Tips

Designate an adult to constantly watch children around water. (Drowning is quick and quiet.) Make sure the adult knows CPR and has a phone to dial 9-1-1. Do not consume alcohol while watching the kids around water. Avoid using electronic devices and social media while watching the kids. Teach your kids to swim. Keep weak swimmers and non-swimmers within arm’s reach. (They should wear U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets.) Layers of Protection Tips

Protect small children from water sources in the home and yards. Ensure multiple barriers around water, such as locked house doors and locked gates on pool fences. (Gates should swing out to open.) Make sure children cannot go out the dog door to get outside. Remove all toys from pools. Remove the ladder from above-ground pools. Consider a pool alarm. For more water safety information, videos and tips for parents and caregivers, go to: