SAN DIEGO - For decades the City of San Diego has been plagued with pot holes on their city streets. But the end is near as the drainage system phase of the City's plan continues.

After years of complaints and payments to the Internal Revenue Service for debt, the City was able to acquire a loan/grant for a drainage project on certain streets from the United States Department of Agriculture.

According to city officials past and present, the drainage, especially on the north side of town, needed to be in place before streets could be repaired and rid from the pot holes.

The drainage project on Dix Street has been completed and with recent rain has prove to been a success. Before the project Dix Street would get flooded during a significant rain fall.

However, the water that has run through the newly installed drainage system has stalled on private property on Ventura Street. 

To get the water following to its final destination, the San Diego Creek, the next step for the city to undertake includes the installation of a 48-inch pipe culvert across State Highway 44 on the east side of town near the Family Dollar and Luchazie General Store.

According to Rickey Dailey, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) public information officer, this culvert installation is currently scheduled to start on July 9, weather permitting, and anticipated to be completed in a two-week period.

All work will be done during daytime hours which will reduced to one lane of traffic in each direction and shifted over to one half of the roadway (bidirectional) while the other half of the roadway is closed off to install the culvert, Dailey said.

As work progresses across the road, traffic will be switched from one side of the road to the completed side. Traffic switches will occur at the start of day. Traffic will be restored to normal lanes at the end of each day.