Recent rains in South Texas has the American Red Cross assisting families in Jim Wells and Duval Counties.

On Friday, American Red Cross personnel were in the area ready to visit homes and families who were affected by the rain that began on June 19.

The weather consisted of torrential rain resulting in more than 10 inches of rain in and around Jim Wells County that resulted in significant residential flooding, severe property damage and dangerous travel conditions.

Some properties turned into lakes and one family in Rios had to be rescued by first responders from their home due to the high water around their home.

George Davila, his wife and two of their children were sheltered inside their home when their roof began to leak.

"It started with a leak here and there. Than there was water everywhere and it knocked down sheetrock that we just put up," Davila said as the American Red Cross toured his home. "Lots of our stuff got wet so we just had to move stuff around."

Davila was in the process of fixing his family's home before the storm came.

"I didn't know about the Red Cross assistance until my daughter told me. So I Googled and called the number," he stated.

The American Red Cross helped people in the area with money, a cleaning kit, tarps, blankets, comfort kits and tools such as rakes and shoves. 

"What we help with isn't very much, but its a start," said Annette Gomez, DAT Coordinator and Lead Volunteer with the American Red Cross.

Jim Wells County commissioners, city officials, the sheriff's department along with state and local law enforcement agencies, and our Regional Emergency Management Coordinator. The Office of the JWC Judge Pedro "Pete" Trevino Jr. has requested assistance and support from State Representative JM Lozano, Senator Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa and the US Congressman Filemon Vela.

Currently the JWC Office of Emergency Management is conducting damage assessments for possible assistance. All JWC residents and businesses outside the city limits of Alice that have sustained damages to their home, business or property please report damages by contacting the county commissioners. City of Alice residents contact the city's hotline.