Three days of rain has poured down on Jim Wells County keeping first responders and city officials busy.

The weather has been a factor in several vehicle accidents in the county as motorist forget to slow down and take precaution on the wet roadways.

Thursday afternoon an 18-wheeler traveling south on North Highway 281 hit a water pocket and lost control of his vehicle, according to Department of Public Safety troopers on the scene.

After the driver lost control of vehicle he entered in the median to his left. The driver escaped the accident with minor injuries.

Later in the day a water line busted at the intersection of Main Street and Texas Boulevard.

According to city officials, the pressure literally pushed up the road and the pipe burst. City crews have been working on the pipe and the street.

Law enforcement officials urge motorist to drive with caution in this rainy weather.

According to the Alice Police Department, several streets in Alice are closed due to the high water. Streets such as Josephine and Southwood, US 281 Business North, North Cameron from Gibson to East Sixth Street, and Soliz Street.

According to the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office, a four foot sinkhole appeared on County Road 404 approximately 400 yards form County Road 428. A portion of County Road 117 is also closed due to water levels.

According to the Corpus Christi National Weather Service, they expect drier weather to move in for Friday and Saturday, but forecast a chance of rain early next week. However, they do not anticipate the heavy rainfalls observed this week.