A Houston based company has recently announced that they will be opening a new location in Alice.

SMG Industries, Inc. is focused on selling products and services to drilling rig operators, E&P companies and other oilfield related businesses, recently announced the opening of their subsidiary's MG Cleaners LLC new location, according to Globe Newswire.

With a recent bust in the oilfield economy in South Texas many companies in the gas and oil industry left the area leaving many people unemployed. The company is bringing some hope to Alice and the economy.

“We continue to believe that key factors as location and facility availability will remain the determining dynamics to offer Alice more opportunities for company location here as the market demands,” Alice Councilman Ron Burke said. “I spoke with several SMG officials today and they are looking forward to joining the community and contributing to the people and businesses here.”

The company has offices in Carthage (East Texas) and Midland (West Texas), MG Cleaners LLC (“MG”). It is an oilfield services company that operates throughout Texas. According to their website, MG’s focus is selling proprietary branded products including soaps, surfactants and degreasers to oilfield drilling rig contractors and oilfield companies.

"We are pleased to expand our products and services to the South Texas area. By opening a facility in Alice, Texas, we can reach those drilling operators and E & P companies that requested we offer our products like Miracle Blue™ and services such as rig wash crews in the Eagle Ford Shale,” said Matt Flemming, CEO of SMG. "This is another step in our Company's plan to expand our exposure in Texas and another avenue towards increasing future revenues.”

The company is expected to work with oil rigs operating in South Texas.

According to Stephen Christian, President of MG Cleaners LLC, the new location comes after they received multiple requests for products and service work from customers who have moved to South Texas.

The company work staff is now in place and is expected to be fully productive within the next several weeks, Christian said.