Giving back with a smile is one of Rick Del Bosque's mottos in life; a motto that has kept him waking up to serve his community.

"I'm a club product, " Del Bosque said. "I stayed at the club as a volunteer and a board member because the children who run through our doors at the club keep me young."

Del Bosque recently celebrate 30 years of service at the Boys and Girls Club of Alice.

He recalled how he started attending the club at the age of eight. Through the years at the club he found mentors who inspired him to find his passion - community service.

"What's important in life is to be a server," Del Bosque said. "I tell everyone at the club to make sure they have a zesty smile, look at the kids and call them by name. Don't take anything harsh because we don't know what happened to them the night before. Give the kids a new slate when they walk in the door. They have little lives of their own so don't forget to be the best part of their life."

Del Bosque has seen a cycle of children at the club. Like him, he sees children grow up, make choices, have families of their own and have those children return to the club.

"It's a cycle. You have to pay it forward," he said. "Remember where you came from and how someone somewhere gave back to you. Not everything is about finances. If you give a kids time and love that's enough for them."

He knows that not all kids make wise choices and he's seen it first hand, but for every one of those children who have made a wrong choice in life he sees three that have taken what they've learned at the club and turn into a successful life.

Del Bosque doesn't measurer success by the money in the bank. He measures it by continued education, when he sees a kid at the store and they light up at the sight of you or any member of the club.

He knows that the success of the club is due to a partnership; a partnership of a strong working board, parents, volunteers, team members and the kids themselves.

"I'm proud of the organization. I see the things, good things happening before me," Del Bosque stated. "I'm ready for another 30 years. Aches and pains from growing older isn't going to stop me. These kiddos make me feel like I won the lotto and can't wait to cash in."

"This was my call, a very loud calling," he said.