The apparent suicide of a 10-year-old in Colorado inspired several students at William Adams Middle School to write a book about bullying.

Ashawnty Davis, a fifth-grader at Sunrise Elementary in Aurora, Co., hung herself in November of 2017 after a video of her and the accused bully surfaced on a social media app, according to published reports.

Fifteen WAMS students; Delilah Lopez, Marc Gutierrez, Randaee Hernandez, Christian Flores, Jaime Martinez, Allison Sanchez, Summer Soliz, Meagan Gonzalez, Cash Benavidez, Andrea Rivera, Ricky Guzman, Jimmy Jackson, Zoe Blomgren, Robert Pena and Zane Balderas; came up with the idea for the book after watching Davis’ story during their advisory class. They decided to take their ideas to Dr. Judy Holmgreen, campus principal.

With the green light from the school, the students began to write stories on bullying for kids in the elementary level just like Davis. The students wanted the book to be a tool for other students Davis’ age if they were ever bullied or saw someone else being bullied.

The BIG Book of Bullying was published and each student signed a copy. The 70-page book will be placed in the library of every Alice Independent School District library.

Students were hoping to send a book to Davis’ parents, but efforts through the school to find the parents were unsuccessful.