GREEN ACRES - Twenty-six-year-old Jose Andres Salaiz was arrested on three felony charges when investigators located a large amount of drugs and more than $2,000 in US currency.

The Jim Wells County Adult Probation officer conducted a home visit at Salaiz's residence in the Green Acres area when they observed drug paraphernalia in plain view. When Jim Wells County Investigators received consent to search Salaiz's residence they discovered a large suitcase hidden in a child's bedroom, according to investigators.

Inside the suitcase was eight large mason jars filled with hydroponic marijuana, four large sheets of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a large vacuum sealed bag of hydroponic marijuana, six vials that contain cannabis oil,24 envelopes of THC wax ready for sale, approximately 26 round containers of THC wax and $2,620 in cash believed to be from drug proceeds.

"This is the second time we pick him up. He's a dealer and because of this type of criminal activity we have people stealing to support their habit," said Sheriff Daniel Bueno. "Because individuals get hooked on these drugs, you have criminals stealing and than hardworking people become victims."

The total amount of hydroponic marijuana was one pound and six ounces that has a street value of more than $7,000. The total of THC was was 111 grams with a street value of $5,500.

Also located in the house was synthetic urine used to pass urine tests.

Salaiz was charged with possession of marijuana, manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance, and endangerment of a child.

He was booked into the JWC jail.