A surprise inspection at the Jim Wells County jail had officials on their toes recently. Each year all jails get a surprise inspection.

This is the second year the jail has passed the inspection under Sheriff Daniel Bueno.

A new inspector with Texas Commission on Jail Standards arrived at the jail to look at all the paperwork and check the building that has been standing for more than 100 years.

Everything from paperwork to documentation and classification was in order at the JWC jail, according to Chief Deputy Louie Valadez.

The jail has passed inspections for more than 30 years straight.

Bueno and Valadez both credit Jail Administrator Lt. Dorothy Saenz and her staff for their hard work to keep the jail prepared for the annual inspection.

“Everyday they complete their job as if the inspector is coming,” Bueno stated. "Their hard work has paid off. They excel in keeping up-to-date policies and records. Our main responsibility, at the jail, is the inmates regardless if they are guilty or not guilty. We must protect them behind bars."

All jail inspections are surprise drop-ins. The JWC jail houses approximately 70 inmates daily.

To check how other jails did on their inspections visit tcjs.state.tx.us.