Samuel Salas Jr. was arrested on Monday at the police station for evading arrest with a motor vehicle when he went to inquire about his impounded vehicle.

According to police, Salas was stopped by police on the evening of May 10 for disregarding a stop sign.

Officers approached Salas' black Dodge Charger when they detected a strong odor of marijuana. The officers asked Salas to step out of the vehicle.

Salas did not comply with the officers request. Instead he led police on a high pursuit in the attempts to evade police.

Police lost Salas in the chase, but were later notified that a Dodge Charger had been located in a ditch off of County Road 382. The vehicle was abandoned and impounded.

A warrant of arrest was issued for Salas.

Salas went to the Alice Police Department to inquiry why his vehicle was impounded and how he could get it back. A Criminal Investigator met with Salas and explained to him why the vehicle was impounded.

Salas told the investigator that he had been out of town and believes his vehicle was stolen.

Investigators explained to Salas what events occurred and the video evidence that he was involved. Salas was then placed under arrest and transported to the Jim Wells County jail.