BENAVIDES - America's Last Patrol, Inc. invites the public to celebrate Memorial Day at 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 26 at the Last Patrol Ranch, which is located four miles north of Benavides on Highway 359.

This Memorial Day many Americans all over the world will attend special ceremonies honoring the men and women who laid down their lives in service to the country. Such duty deserves respect and this day allows an opportunity to show that respect. By observing Memorial Day, we ensure that their memory and spirit did not die with them, whether in a wheat field at Gettyburg, a forest in Belleau Wood, a beachhead in Normandy, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, the Battan March, a frozen hilltop in Korea, a jungle in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, a barren desert sands of middle east, Somalia, the USS Cole, Iraq and Afghanistan.

This year's Memorial Day Ceremony speaker will be Lieutenant Commander Gil Saenz, U.S. Navy from Freer. The Patriots' Band and Honor Guard from Corpus Christi will provide the military music, presentation of Colors, 21 Gun Salute and Taps. We will place the following names of fallen comrades at America's Last Patrol Memorial Walls:

COX Leopoldo E. Garcia, US Navy MIA; Tech5 Gilberto Guerra, US Navy MIA; S1C Robert J. Daehn, US Navy; Pvt. Francisco D. Gonzalez, US Army; PFC Juan V. Acuna, US Army; PFC Evaristo B. Alfaro, US Army; SP4 Norman E. Castle, US Army; SP4 Tersita Castle, US Army; AB Jimmie L. Garret, USAF; SFC Gilberto G. Silvas, US Army; Sgt. Rodolfo Cervantes Sr., USMC; Cpl. Joe V. Cantu, US Army; COX Matias F. Lopez, US Navy; Cpl. Leonel R. Garcia, US Army; SG David Benavides, US Army; SP4 Alvaro Benavides, US Army; Cpl Robert T. Castillo, USMC; PFC Rudolfo M. Couling, US Army; L/Cpl Weasley Joel Canning, USMC KIA; PFC Pedro M. Salazar, US Army Air Corps; PFC Crescencio Santos, US Army; Major Ralph A. Moglia, US Army; Tec5 Pablo R. Garza, US Army; PFC Oscar V. Salinas, US Army; PFC Alubo Valadez, US Army KIA; Pvt Roel Garza, US Army.

After the ceremony, there will be food, refreshments free to the public and the Mobile Vet Center from Corpus Christi will be available to serve veterans, surviving spouses and dependents for VA benefits. Please join us on Saturday, May 26 at 1 p.m. at the Last Patrol Ranch to honor and remember all soldiers who gave their supreme sacrifices for our country.

For further information, please contact Commander Adrian Trevino (361) 389-5122 or Judge Advocate Arturo Pecos (361) 455-2590.