Brush Country Medical PLLC (BCM) recently celebrated its third year serving the Alice area. Dr. Sergio Cantu is a local doctor and is proud to have a growing practice.

Dr. Cantu is a board certified family physician. He was born and raised in San Diego and did his residency with goals of coming back to his community.  He currently resides in Alice which happens to be the area he grew up in and was schooled.

This area is a federally designated healthcare professional shortage area, as well as a medically underserved area. To help alleviate this shortage in the community Dr. Cantu opened BCM a family clinic in May 2015.

Dr. Cantu primarily sees geriatric patients,  Medicaid Patients and Nursing Home patients. Working for three years at the hospital showed Dr. Cantu the need of Primary Care Physicians in Alice and surrounding areas. This inspired him to open what we are today. Dr Cantu would like to thank you, Alice and surrounding areas, for their continued support. 

Business colleagues, staff and friends joined BCM staff in the celebration.